High Performance Koroseal® PVC lining



  • Designed to provide enhanced protection and performance in the harshest corrosive environments.
  • Improved tolerance to process & chemistry anomalies that cause periodic elevated temperatures.
  • Infrequent temperature excursions to 215oF can be tolerated without causing measurable plasticizer migration and the resultant reduction in service life.
  • Reduced plasticizer mobility results in longer service life and reduces overall life cycle cost of ownership.
  • Process tank liners can be expected to provide improved reliability and up-time.

As its name implies, HP Koroseal® PVC liners takes standard Koroseal liners to the next level. With a slightly improved formulation, HP Koroseal provides an added temperature range of up to 210OF and provides a longer service life in harsh conditions.

Like standard Koroseal liners, an HP Koroseal liner is recommended for process tanks and storage tanks and in applications where temperature ranges are high or chemical concentrations are very aggressive.

HP Koroseal drop in liners are available in 3/16 in. gauge. Other gauges are available on a qualified quantity basis.