LFP CrossFilmTM lining



  • Resistant to most solvents and chemicals.

  • Chemically inert.

  • Up to 500oF continuous operating temperature.

  • 100% cross laminated PTFE Teflon


LFP CrossFilmTM is a 100% PTFE Teflon® sheeting material. Cross-laminated under very high pressure and high temperature, LFP provides mechanical strength unmatched by standard PTFE sheeting. This gives LFP CrossFilm the chemical inertness of Teflon® yet the ability to be fabricated into shapes and sizes that would force standard PTFE to crack and fail.

LFP CrossFilm has an upper temperature rating of 600OF and can withstand most any chemical or any concentration. Besides drop-in tank liners, LFP CrossFilm can be used as an expansion joint material. With the combination of strength and chemical resistant LFP CrossFilm expansion joints far surpass the service life of rubber or cloth expansion joints.