Bonded Linings / Bonded Lining

Bonded LiningsWitt Lining Systems’ flexible PVC tank liners offer many advantages over bonded liners. These advantages can provide the benefit of a longer lasting liner system with a lower overall operating cost.

The first issue with a bonded liner is the difference in co-efficient of expansion between the liner material and the tank structure. By bonding a liner to the tank the liner is no longer free to expand and contract at its own rate. As the tank expands and contracts due to solution volume or temperature it places stress on either the liner or the adhesive system which can lead to a premature failure.

Second, most adhesives systems are limited to 145oF maximum temperature before they begin to fail. This limits bonded liners to their application range as well as subjects them to failure should there be a temperature imbalance. The very same sheeting material, when made into a drop in liner can handle up to 200oF continuous temperature exposure.

Third, a bonded liner requires a very clean profile for the adhesive system to work properly. This often involves sandblasting, which involves either moving the tank off line or timely and expensive tenting of the tank. A Witt drop in tank liner only requires the tank be clean and dry. A Witt tank liner can often by installed over top of an existing bonded liner.

Fourth, between surface preparation, bonded liner installation, and then adhesive cure time, a bonded liner can take several days for an installation before being able to be put into service. A Witt drop in liner requires no cure time and can be used the second the liner is installed.

Fifth, bonded liners themselves typically require trained technicians to install which can be very costly. Witt tank liners are often installed by facility employees who can save considerable money.

Witt Lining Systems’ tank liners offer all of the above advantages over bonded tank liners. The benefit to you is a longer lasting tank liner with a lower overall operating cost.

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