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LFPTM Skirt for Chrome Plating Tanks

Pit Liners / Pit Liner

Users of hard chrome plating solutions are very familiar with attacks on their liners at the freeboard area of the solution. As the solution evaporates, the concentration of chrome increases. This concentrated chrome vapor then condensates back on the liner causing early deterioration.

Witt Lining Systems uses LFP CrossFilm™ to fabricate a protective skirt that covers the upper and lower solution levels of the process tank. Being inert, this skirt eliminates any breakdown of the PVC liner in the interface area and allows for the full service life of the liner to be achieved.

Couple the LFP CrossFilm™ skirt with the unmatched service life of a Koroseal® PVC liner and you have the longest lasting drop in liner available. This longer service life means the associated time and costs of changing a liner out are less and that means a lower operating cost for you.

Only Witt Lining Systems has a proven track record combining Koroseal® PVC liners with an LFP CrossFilm™ skirt to provide the longest lasting drop in tank liner available for hard chrome plating solutions.

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