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Your solution to secondary containment problems.

Witt Lining Systems’ PVC liners are a proven answer for lining concrete containment areas. Secondary containment areas, pits, sumps, trenches, berms, and other concrete structures that require a corrosion resistant coating can be protected with a Witt drop in liner.

When it comes to service life and corrosion protection of a secondary containment area, Witt containment liners offer many advantages over coatings or paint. Because a Witt containment liner isn’t bonded to the concrete there is minimal prep time. No sand blasting is required and the area just needs to be dry and free of any debris. Unlike a coating, a Witt containment liner does not require the concrete to be fully cured before installation. Similarly there is no cure time of the containment liner. As soon as the liner is in place the area is ready for immediate service.

The biggest advantage a Witt containment liner has over coatings and paint is that a Witt liner can bridge large cracks in the concrete. Concrete is always subject to cracking and a crack will take the coating or paint with it. Because a Witt containment liner is not bonded to the concrete, it’s liquid integrity if not affected by a crack. A cracked coating is a failed system which leads to costs associated with remediation and legal liability plus replacement and repair costs. Avoid those costs and use a Witt drop in liner for any and all concrete containment areas.

Containment liners are custom manufactured to your specifications and fabricated to exacting tolerance to guarantee a proper and secure fit. Our team of engineers will work with you even on the most intricate area to ensure a proper fit of your containment liner. We can line anything.

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