Corrosion Resistant Tank Lining

Corrosion Resistant LinersToday’s industrial manufacturing facilities are full of corrosion causing agents. Tanks, pits, trenches, secondary containment areas, etc. are all subject to attack by these chemicals. Witt Lining Systems utilizes proprietary formulations of flexible PVC to provide tank liners with maximum corrosion resistance.

Our flexible liners are custom fabricated to your needs with an exacting tolerance that ensures a proper fit. With minimal substrate preparation necessary, our containment liners can be installed faster than bonded liners or coatings, provide years of service life and are practically maintenance free.

Witt Lining Systems has years of proven experience with chemical process plants, plating and metal finishing facilities, anodizing plants, as well as municipal water systems and many other industries.

Integrity is the foundation of our success. From the quality workmanship and expert service we provide, to the innovative lining materials we design, you have the satisfaction of working with the most highly regarded company in the tank liner industry.

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