Koroseal® PVC liners

Koroseal is a PVC thermoplastic with a very long track record for providing exceptional corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. For decades, Koroseal has been a specified lining material due to its proven capabilities. Now, thanks to Witt Lining Systems, Koroseal can be specified as a flexible liner as well.

By utilizing our special fabrication techniques, Koroseal PVC can now offer the added benefits of flexible drop in liners. Koroseal liners from Witt Lining Systems don’t need to be adhered to the sub structure. This eliminates the need for sandblasting, tank repair, and cure time. Furthermore, tanks can remain on line while being relined with a Koroseal liner from Witt Lining Systems, reducing down time.

Koroseal liners are available in 60 mil, 1/8 in. and 3/16 in. gauges. Just like our other liners, drop in Koroseal liners are compactly folded in a box or crate ready for immediate installation by yourself or our team of experienced installers.

Koroseal is a registered trademark of Koroseal Interior Products, LLC. Used with permission.

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