Pit Liners / Pit Liner

Protect your treatment and containment pit areas with flexible PVC liners from Witt Lining Systems. Our pit liners are a perfect solution for your secondary containment areas or any floor area where corrosion protection is a must. Pit liners are custom fabricated to fit your containment needs with exacting tolerance.

Aerospace Liners

Witt flexible liners provide many benefits over an applied coating when it comes to protecting your concrete pits. Because a Witt flexible pit liner isn’t bonded to the concrete, our liners don’t have the same negative issues that coatings have. Our pit liners and not subject to the same failure due to cracking of the concrete, and are essentially maintenance free over their many years of service life as they will not flake or peel.

Having started in 1972, we have the experience and expertise to meet your every need. Our knowledgeable containment experts will work directly with you to determine the best lining material formulation and thickness for your specific tank lining needs. We also have a team of installers that can provide custom turnkey installation anywhere on the planet!

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