PVC Liners

PVC Liners

Witt Lining Systems custom fabricates PVC liners for lining process tanks, storage tanks, secondary containment areas, and anywhere else corrosion protection is required.  PVC lining offers chemical resistance to most inorganic acids and alkalis.  We offer a wide range of PVC lining formulations with differing chemical resistance and temperature limits allowing us to provide a PVC liner that meets your specific needs.

Our drop in liners are custom fabricated to ensure a proper fit.  In most cases the liner is fabricated in one complete piece allowing for easy installation.  Because the liners aren’t bonded to the substrate, they aren’t subject to failure due to cracks or holes already in the tank or concrete.  Furthermore, PVC liners are essentially maintenance free over their lifespan.

Applications of PVC drop in liners include plating or metal finishing tanks, galvanizing tanks, anodizing tanks, and chemical process and chemical storage tanks.  Besides chemical tanks applications are also found in water treatment plants, cooling towers, secondary containment berms, sumps, pits, and trenches.  Flexible PVC liners can often be applied in concrete areas which aren’t suitable for bonded or applied coatings.

We have experience working with Fortune 500 companies, military bases, municipalities, as well as small and medium sized independent companies throughout the world.  Put our expertise to work for you!

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