Sump Liners

Sump Liners

Witt Lining Systems’ PVC liners are a proven answer for lining concrete areas. Secondary containment areas, pits, sumps, trenches, berms, and other concrete structures that require a corrosion resistant coating can be protected with a Witt drop in liner.

Sump Tank Liners

Because a Witt drop in liner isn’t bonded to the concrete surface it has several advantages over coatings or painting.

• Minimal prep time. Area just needs to be clean and dry.
• No sandblasting and/or extensive repair work needed.
• Witt liner can go over non-cured concrete.
• No curing time. Once in place a Witt liner is ready for immediate service.
• Can be installed by facility personnel.
• Witt liners can bridge cracks in concrete that coatings or paint can’t.

Containment liners are custom manufactured to your specifications and fabricated to an exacting tolerance to guarantee a proper and secure fit. Our team of engineers will work with you even on the most intricate area to ensure a proper fit of your sump liner.

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