Witt Lining Systems vs. Bonded Linings

Witt Lining Systems’ flexible PVC tank liners offer many advantages over bonded liners. These advantages can provide the benefit of a longer lasting liner system with a lower overall operating cost.

Disadvantages of bonded liners include

• Stress on liner welds and/or adhesive due to differences in expansion rates with the tank itself.
• Adhesive systems limit bonded liner to 145oF maximum temperature.
• Extensive and costly prep time – sandblasting, tank repair, tenting, etc.
• Long installation time and adhesive cure time.
• Requires trained technicians to repair.

Advantages of a Witt drop in tank liner include

• No stress on liner due to differences in co-efficient of expansion.
• Our exclusive material formulations can handle up to 200oF continuous temperature exposure.
• Tank preparation only requires the tank be clean and dry.
• Ready for immediate service as soon as installed.
• Can be installed by our facility personnel.

Witt Lining Systems’ tank liners offer all of the above advantages over bonded tank liners. The benefit to you is a longer lasting tank liner with a lower overall operating cost.

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