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Leaking Water Pit

Texas Anodizing Line

Project Scope

Provide corrosion resistance in the secondary containment area of a newly constructed anodizing line.


The containment area underneath the new production line not only needed corrosion protection, but the delivery schedule of new equipment necessitated a solution that did not require a lengthy installation or cure time.


The project engineers selected a flexible PVC liner from Witt Lining Systems. Because a Witt Liner is not bonded to the concrete, no extensive prep work was necessary. The flexible liner will not be affected by any cracks that may occur in the concrete. Most importantly for this project, as soon as the installation was complete the equipment for the anodizing liner was able to be put in place.


Installation of the liner was performed by H3 Services and was completed over seven days. Upon completion of the liner, the equipment for the new anodizing line was installed. The ability to install the liner over green concrete and having no cure time allowed the customer to make up for lost time due to inclement weather in an earlier stage of the project. The new liner is expected to provide years of worry free service.

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Since 1972 we have been the industry leader in providing flexible PVC corrosion resistant liners. Flexible liners are a cost effective alternative to bonded Linings and coatings. Flexible PVC liners are used in plating tanks, chemical tanks, storage tanks, waste water treatment pits, secondary containment, cooling towers, pits, sumps, solar heated water storage tanks, or anywhere liquid containment or corrosion protection is desired.

Industries served include metal finishing, plating, anodizing, aerospace, oil and gas, mining, municipal water treatment, and food and agriculture. Witt offers a variety of materials such as Koroseal®, Spectra Blue® and Exceline®.  Witt Lining Systems also offers alternatives to PVC, custom fabricating Teflon® , Kynar® PVDF , and XR-5® liners. Wiitt offers a variety of liner grades and thicknesses to suit your lining need.  Links

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