Solar Tank Liners

Solar Heater Tank Liners

Witt Lining Systems fabricates and designs tank liners designed for solar water heating systems. We utilize the Koroseal® PVC lining material which can handle constant operating temperatures of up to 200oF – even beyond what so called “high temperature” PVC lining material can handle.

Solar Tank Liners

Our tank liners are custom fabricated for an exact fit of the water tank. One size fits all liners or do it yourself liners can form very sharp creases or folds. These areas are subject to stress and failure when exposed to the elevated temperatures. This issue is avoided with a properly constructed one piece drop in liner from Witt Lining Systems.

Our tank liners ship to you ready for installation. Odd shapes or items like outlets can all be handled. Our drop in liners are also suitable for wood boiler systems as well.

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