Tank Linings

Tank Linings

As manufacturers of industrial PVC tank lining, Witt Lining Systems can provide tank liners for applications like plating tanks, anodizing tanks, process tanks, chemical storage tanks, water storage tanks, as well as secondary containment, pits, trenches and floors.

Tank liners from Witt Lining Systems offer the following benefits.

Fast turn-around on tank liner fabrication and installation.
PVC tank liners are a long term solution to leaking tanks.
Tank liners are custom fabricated for exacting fit.
Tank liners don’t flake, chip or peel, and have very low maintenance.
Very little preparation needed prior to tank liner installation.
Tank liners are easily repaired if damaged.
Can be installed yourself but full turn-key or supervision is available.
No size limitations on the tank liner.

Tank Liners

Integrity is the foundation of our success. From the quality workmanship and expert service we provide, to the innovative lining materials we design, you have the satisfaction of working with the most highly regarded company in the tank lining industry.

Tank liners offer a fast yet long term solution to leaking tanks or concrete areas. Tank liners are custom fabricated to the exact size and shape of your tank, pit, etc. Because a Witt tank liner isn’t bonded to the surface of the area little to no preparation is needed prior to installation. The substructure simply needs to be clean, dry, and free of any sharp impediments.

Witt Lining Systems carries an exclusive line of material formulations including Spectra Blue® PVC, Exceline® PVC, and Koroseal® PVC lining solutions. This allows us to construct tank liners that can hold a wide range of acids and alkalis and operate up to 200oF continuous operating service.

With over 40 years of experience, Witt Lining Systems is the trusted manufacturer of industrial tank liners. We only fabricate industrial tank liners so you know we have the experience to provide answers to even the most complex tank liner application. We have even been honored by the US Dept of Commerce for our tank liners.

Tank liners can be fabricated in 1-2 days on a rush basis if needed and we can also provide turn-key installation or installation supervision if needed.

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